The catalog as a means of advertising has a fascinating history. 

1872 is considered to be the birthday of the catalog. It was then, in Chicago, that an entrepreneur named Aaron Montgomery, in whose warehouses a large amount of unsold goods, decided to sell it in an unusual way for that time. He made a list of the items he had in his warehouse, and then sent those lists to his potential buyers using the Chicago Postal Service. The result was not long in coming, the product was completely sold out. It is not known on what paper the first catalog was printed, and in what way, it is known that it consisted of only one page, and this page went down in the history of advertising as one of the most effective trading tools. Since its first publication, the catalog had gone through various modifications. It was a hand written listing, of all the items in the warehouse.

Then, in 1882, it appeared on a piece of paper made with a typewriter, and then, by 1889, the catalog was published in different sizes, and then several years later, it appeared in different formats, such as the pocket and the ribbon catalog. As soon as the sales of the catalog increased, the owner of the enterprise began investing in various features of the business australian company In 1878, a front-page ad was placed in the Chicago Tribune, which was the first advertising campaign ever, and since then, new publications, advertising, and improvements were the order of the day. In order to increase profits, this catalog was translated into French and Italian. By 1905, sales were up to $7,000,000 annually, which was at a time when the average yearly income in the country was around $600.

 In 1890, there was a decision taken to print this catalog in color, and in 1921, the color brochures had come into existence. In 1921, the same catalog came into existence with a new design. The first edition had a front page with more than 500 copies of the catalog and the rear page consisted of advertising and other reports. The first American trade sale of the catalog took place in 1922. This catalog had such an enormous effect on the economics of the country that a claim was made that a percentage of the total savings of the country in the preceding ten years had been attributed to this particular business. This claim, however, has been disputed by critics. Since the early 1950s, the catalog has, for the most part, gone into oblivion. A quick search of the Internet for this catalog, however, does show that various printed copies still exist.

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