There are tons of ways to attract people to your yoga studio and inspire them to build a deeper connection to your brand. With so many options, it’s difficult to grasp the core methodologies of success in this niche.

To help illustrate the magic behind it, here’s a sampling of a couple of things we’ve done in the marketing realm to bring people to our studio.

Yoga how to setup crm– This company sells yoga equipment, yoga clothes, and yoga yoga classes for each of these opportunities.

Yoga classes for students who want to take their yoga practice on the road, enabling them to enjoy yoga anywhere.

Hobbyists, who want to start a studio but need the tools, accessories, and equipment to do so – without being a true business entrepreneur.

Surprise Events – Our first unexpected event was our debut launch of 100% Pure Vinyasa Yoga, our flagship class that was designed to increase the flow of the body and mind to expand the boundaries of self-awareness and consciousness.

This package allowed people to be involved in our founding, launch, and subsequent promotions – by enjoying our launch party and purchasing limited yoga classes.

Vinyasa Yoga Studio – Our second surprise event involved opening a new studio, with a different kind of launch event that was different from anything we had ever done before – a launch celebration that included a full body stretching yoga class taught by our teachers that allowed the new community to interact, relax and experience the yoga body.

This type of marketing makes people aware of your yoga studio and creates new community members who have a relationship with your studio. It also provides your yoga teachers and business partners the opportunity to engage in your new business.

In each of these marketing events we were very intentional about attracting the most human-centric and community-specific visitors, because that’s what is most likely to result in positive connections with those people.

Of course, there are many other ways to attract the type of people who will be the most likely to build a deep connection to your yoga studio. In our next piece we will offer a few of those methods.

For now, read the main points of this post and get inspired to think creatively about ways to create a community and community businesses.

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