At Sapient Visualization we will create innovative visualizations for enhancing your retail experience for promoting sales and traffic. What’s our design philosophy? Our design philosophy is “That Which Intends to Speak for Itself” One of the characteristics of such a design philosophy is not to try to fit in with any particular pattern but to create something that will have its own unique and undeniable character. We do not look to establish some kind of market convention or pattern to tell us what to do. And that’s really what good design is all аbout: Describing what something is not Defining the reality in its own terms Making something that is for real Let’s see how we can achieve our design goals. Let’s begin with the shopping cart Let’s focus on the shopping cart. In the visual, we see a generic looking shopping cart with grey colored background. The cart has yellow 5 slot cards divided into 6 colors. Each slot card represents a different item, and each card is standing vertically. We can notice that the card color is also in relation to its position on the cart. For example, if the green card is closer to the top of the cart, then it’s also the green card that’s further to the bottom. What is the purpose of these such rules? The first goal is to provide a simple cart visual and outsourcing ecommerce developers. If we were to place it into a larger context, it would require the cart to be viewed in a certain way. Just like the rule of thumb for building things, what this cart visual does is, given the constraints of a shopping cart and the fact that we’re dealing with something that’s used to buy something, the cart will try to follow the rule that says it must be a certain way to be viewed. What is the way of a shopping cart? The problem with this cart visual though, is that it only says what the cart is not but it doesn’t say what the cart is. It only says that the cart is supposed to look a certain way. To do this, we can imagine that we have a modified cart.

We can have 4 new slots: White Orange Yellow Red We can put our green slot there as well. Now, this is what our cart would look like. We can also add a fifth slot, called “Cart Item”. It will hold the main item in the cart, it will also be the main card for our cart. This is the cart we are trying to create. Now let’s see what that Cart Item looks like. In our redesign, we aim to draw a parallel between the Cart Item and the actual product in the cart. Both the Cart Item and the Product have a couple of things in common. Both have a unique color and a corresponding slot. So if I’m a merchant in this shopping cart and I want to provide something, I have to look for a card that will best showcase that item. Now in my cart I have several green items, there is no point in putting all these items on a green card.

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